Partnerships, with photo of older couple hiking

Our team works in different areas of health and aging, ranging from developing new innovative services to creating efficiencies in management and operations of existing social and health services. CHA staff members have years of experience in generating resources through government and private grants that develop partnerships that work with consumers and providers in developing more accessible, effective and efficient systems of care for elders. 

Such elder-focused collaborative ventures include:

  • Tahoe Aging Institute 
  • Elders Count Nevada
  • Aging Research and Education 

Caregiver Coalition of Nevada

The Center for Healthy Aging is the non-profit fiscal agent for the Nevada Caregivers Coalition, a statewide group of organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals dedicated to supporting and recognizing the efforts of caregivers throughout Nevada. Caregivers include people from various backgrounds, cultures and age groups who provide help and service to another person of any age. They may be family caregivers, friends, neighbors or professionals. Caregiving issues affect everyone at some point in their lives. Even business owners and managers can benefit from learning more about the challenges of caregiving since they may have employees who work full-time but also care for a loved one at home. CHA is proud to help support the annual Caregiver Recognition Event which is held every November.  This event recognizes caregivers across the state for their dedication to helping others.  

Rest of Your Life

CHA is working with a team of professionals to develop an educational program for elders to provide them with the necessary tools to create a personalized and comprehensive set of plans and documents for the end of life. This program will be interactive and interface with health professionals, attorneys, financial planners, etc. The goal is to improve quality of life by giving the elder knowledge, skills, leading to more control and peace of mind.

Shared World Tours

There is nothing like seeing and experiencing things for yourself when trying to understand a particular field or answer a particular question. Father and son team, Michael and Ben Marcus know this first-hand through their own international and domestic travel – Michael from a background in grant making and higher education, and Ben in community organizing and nonprofit consulting.

Since 2018, they have provided high-quality, engaging learning tours for social science professionals and students to dig deeper into their work and have meaningful cross cultural exchanges.

For more information go to the Shared World Tours website

Fall 2023 Tour: Gerontologists Go To Ireland: 2023

Capital S

Senior Fest

CHA is a fiscal agent for this annual event that features services and local businesses that cater to the needs of senior citizens in the Reno area. At Senior Fest, you will learn about ways to enhance quality of life from over 60 businesses, healthcare providers and government agencies. Senior Fest is free and open to the public. Senior Fest is the largest senior outreach of its type in northern Nevada.

Examples of what you will find at Senior Fest include health screenings, estate planning information, elder law, flu and pneumonia shots, Medicare and benefits counseling, health insurance, VA benefits information, parks and recreation programs and vendors with lots of goodies and giveaways.

This year, Senior Fest is on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at the Reno Town Mall from 9:00 – 5:00.