Join your gerontology colleagues, family and friends for an in-depth exploration of the elder services, service innovations, policies, culture, people, and beauty of Ireland, including Dublin, Westport, Co. Mayo, Galway, Sligo, Belfast and more.

ITINERARY HIGHLIGHTS: Site visits and seminars with researchers and providers; cultural, sightseeing and environmental tours; one-on-one Interviews with diverse providers and participants; substantial opportunities for personal time and exploration.

Group of older people on a trip


WHAT TRAVELERS ARE SAYING ABOUT PREVIOUS TRIPS – Israel 2019 and 2022 | Ireland 2022 | Norway 2023

  • “As a person who has been in the field of aging for over 30 years, the three trips I’ve been on have been wonderful experiences, meeting the professionals, other people in those countries, experiencing the culture, and seeing these beautiful countries…” Roy Earnest, CAFÉ, Israel 2019, Ireland 2022, and Norway 2023 participant
  • “The greatest learnings I had…was finding things I can’t learn on the Internet…I found a colleague doing work that I can’t find elsewhere…definite partnerships in the future…” Kate Gordon, Splaine and Associates, RTI, Johns Hopkins University, Norway Participant 2023
  • “I really liked the Dementia Village, particularly going there and seeing it rather than hearing about it from other people.” Dr. John Pynoos, USC, Norway Participant 2023

COST: $4,450 Per Person — Double; $4,850 Per Person — Single

All-inclusive services and accommodations, excluding airfare and alcohol.

SHARED WORLD TOURS: or call (847) 571-1802.

A project of the Center for Healthy Aging Nevada, UMBC Erickson School of Aging Studies and Shared World Tours