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Dig In To Grow Healthy Team

Randy Robison, Program Director / Master Gardner

Randy Robison

TMTGH Program Director / Master Gardener

Randy Robison was born and raised in Reno Nevada. He has been married for 35 years and has four adult children who have followed his example of careers in medicine and agriculture. At a young age, Randy became a first responder, an emergency medical technician. He progressed to Paramedicine, and then to a Fire Department Engineer until his retirement.

He became interested in gardening for self-care and pursuing that interest has resulted in his recognition as the Northern Nevada vegetable expert gardener. He is a Master Gardener and enjoys sharing his knowledge on Pawl Hollis’ Saturday morning gardening talk show on KKOH, in classes taught at Rail City Garden Center, Bartley Ranch, Nevada Farm Conference and other venues.

Randy also owned a successful bicycle retail shop. He segued his bicycle trade to a relationship with Burning Man and became one of the first bicycle rental programs for Burning Man attendees. Randy has a very inquisitive mind and researches any subject of interest until he understands it completely. His latest venture is working with the Nevada Legislature to promote the ability for Nevada small farmers to process chickens for sale.

Johanna Jenkins

TMTGH Associate Director 

Johanna Amelia Jenkins has worked in the Home Care industry for over 10 years holding positions as the Director of Operations, Education Director, and Business Development Director. She is a proud Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Mills College, with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education. Johanna has travelled to numerous countries where she enjoyed learning about the local cultures, languages, cuisine, agriculture, arts and crafts. Once moving to Reno in 2021, gardening has become her main hobby. Johanna takes great pride in being a resource for the community. One of her passions is working with the aging community, helping them modify activities that brought them great joy in the past, so that they can still enjoy them at any stage in their life. She has established many relationships between community resources and created multiple intergenerational activities for various public and private programs.