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Teach Me To Grow Healthy Team

Augustin Jorquez

Program Administrator

Our Teach Me To Grow Healthy (TMTGH) program is led by Augustin Jorquez, who is uniquely suited for this role. His professional background in long-term care and spirituality has been deeply influenced by his Native ancestry and upbringing, as well as his activism on behalf of Native Americans and the aging community.

In addition to his leadership role with TMTGH, he serves as a pastor at Native Village in Hungry Valley (Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe tribes); and as a Chaplain for All Tribes Prison Ministry, Tribal Health Center and hospital visits. Augustin was previously the director for the Nevada Long-Term Care Initiative through Indian Health Services.

Augustin is a lifelong learner of healing methods for mind, body and spirit.
While in high school, he won awards and honorable mentions for research on medicinal herbs of the Southwest, and he has continued gathering further knowledge of indigenous traditional healing rituals and organic medicines.

Augustin is an urban Indian residing in Sparks. His tribal affiliation on
the patriarchal side is Apache (Dnee) and Sonoran Yaqui on the matriarchal
side. Augustin is a national speaker, successfully bringing greater awareness on Native American issues.

Randy Robison

Master Gardener

Randy Robison was born and raised in Reno Nevada. He has been married for 35 years and has four adult children who have followed his example of careers in medicine and agriculture. At a young age, Randy became a first responder, an emergency medical technician. He progressed to Paramedicine, and then to a Fire Department Engineer until his retirement.

He became interested in gardening for self-care and pursuing that interest has resulted in his recognition as the Northern Nevada vegetable expert gardener. He is a Master Gardener and enjoys sharing his knowledge on Pawl Hollis’ Saturday morning gardening talk show on KKOH, in classes taught at Rail City Garden Center, Bartley Ranch, Nevada Farm Conference and other venues.

Randy also owned a successful bicycle retail shop. He segued his bicycle trade to a relationship with Burning Man and became one of the first bicycle rental programs for Burning Man attendees. Randy has a very inquisitive mind and researches any subject of interest until he understands it completely. His latest venture is working with the Nevada Legislature to promote the ability for Nevada small farmers to process chickens for sale.

Marta Malone Headshot

Marta Malone

Administrative Assistant

As the Administrative Assistant for the Teach Me To Grow Healthy program, Marta Malone is dedicated to developing programs and offering education to assist elders and caregivers in our community.

She has served the Center for Healthy Aging as the Program Officer and Educational director since 2008, since leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion for community.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer information systems at the University of Nevada, Reno, Marta worked in a corporate setting for 25 years in various capacities including accounting, auditing and quality/lean management.

Angela Adams

Licensed Nutritionist/Dietitian 

Angela is a Registered Dietitian whom has recently relocated to Sparks, Nevada with her spouse and their two fur babies. She has long been a desert native growing up in central Arizona and Las Vegas and was thrilled to retreat somewhere near the mountains. Angela is a nature enthusiast and could not imagine a better place to explore than the Reno/Tahoe area.  Angela has been a practicing Dietitian going on three years primarily working within pre/postnatal and infant nutrition. She has a huge passion for teaching and learning and is a firm believer everyone has knowledge to share with each other.